our origins


The Faroe Islands are a cluster of 18 islands constituting an archipelago found halfway between Norway and Iceland, flanked by the Norwegian Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean.

The headquarter and production are located at the source on Suðuroy, which is the southernmost of the islands.


The natural spring source of our water was discovered 1.5 km. deep into the mountainside between the villages of Lopra and Sumba. The water was immediately popular with the local people and, now that it is bottled and freely available, it has become a real Faroese icon.

For decades the people of Faroe Islands have travelled to the village of Lopra and the volcanic Kirvi mountain range in the southern island of Suðuroy to sample the heavenly water that flows there.

Lopra is sheltered in a natural harbour setting and from here you can see the unique pyramid shape of the Kirvi mountain. It is from this mountain range that our beautiful water is sourced.

The road between Lopra and the village of Sumba makes for a long and arduous journey so in 1988 it was decided to bore a tunnel between the two settlements. During this project the natural spring source was discovered 1.5 km. deep into the mountainside.

Our water is naturally sourced and is channelled to our factory by gravity. This makes it one of the most environmentally friendly waters available.


Kirvi water is naturally sourced and no power is used collecting the water, as it channels to the factory by gravity.

In the geological structure of the mountain where water channels through, there are 12 layers of basalt. Filtered through the layers of basalt, Kirvi water becomes exceptionel and soft, and posesses a pH-value of 8.3, making it naturally alkaline.