still water

kirvi still water

Kirvi water is filtered through multiple layers of red turf in the 55 million year old basalt rocks of the volcanic Kirvi mountain range in Suðuroy. This natural cleansing and mineralisation makes the Kirvi exceptional. With a pH value of 8.3 Kirvi has an unmistakable taste.

Kirvi Still water is currently available in 300 ml, 500 ml and 1500 ml.

Benefits of alkaline water

Consuming alkaline water will reduce the accumulation of acidity in exercising muscles, improving workout intensity and recovery time.
Dr. Robert Burns, PhD

kirvi sparkling water

kirvi sparkling water

Sparkling water with natural lemon flavor is available in 500 ml. and 1500 ml. PET bottles.

kirvi sweet & sparkling

kirvi still water

In addition to the existing product portfolio, the newest members of the Kirvi family are the sweet and sparkling drinks.

These refreshing drinks were introduced  during the summer of 2017 and are great alternatives to soda, with zero sugar.

All flavours are currently available in 500 ml. and 1500 ml. PET bottles.

facts & figures

kirvi still water

  • High pH-value

    The Kirvi water is natural alkaline and has a pH value of 8.3.

  • Unlimited water supply

    With the unique location we have access to an unlimited supply of water.

  • 500 ml bottles

    All products are available in 500 ml PET bottles

  • Atlantic Airways

    The national airline of the Faroe Islands serves Kirvi.